Sunday, June 15, 2008

Creepy Mansion Sales Decline At Snowshoe?

I confess to following the RSS feed for The Onion. It keeps me posted on important trends like this one: Realtors Blame Housing Market For Slump In Creepy-Mansion Sales.

....Overall sales of cursed and bedamned residences have fallen 45 percent in the past 14 months--more than twice that of non-evil houses. In response, many agents have begun offering incentives, such as waiving half their fee or including the price of an exorcism with the closing costs.

Perhaps most alarming to realtors is the inability to attract first-time buyers.

"Even if you do get that young family who's willing to share the two-car garage with the spectral figure hanging from its rafters, there's no guarantee they can get a mortgage," Morgan Stanley analyst Ben Hodges says. "A first-time buyer with no equity can't even get a severed foot in the door."

Though Congress is debating several bills that would offer tax breaks to wealthy urban couples with no children and an overall lack of humility who purchase creepy mansions in the countryside, industry specialists say the outlook remains dire....

Given Pocahontas County's extensive collection of haints, I wonder if this will influence the local vacation home market?


Dave said...

That IS a good one!

Rebecca Clayton said...

I thought you'd like this one!