Saturday, January 05, 2008

Image Transfer to Fabric: Link Collection

While researching fabric transfer techniques for the Take It Further Challenge, I accumulated these interesting links. There are so many pages offering advice it can get very confusing. I'm lucky Dharma Trading Company Web-publishes directions for the product I'd bought from them, because there exist many products and many different instructions. I've saved the links I found most helpful and/or inspiring below.

  • Image Transfer techniques from art-e-zine compiles amazing techniques for transferring ink jet printer, color copier, and photographic paper images onto all sorts of stuff--lots of fabric directions, but also paper, rocks, leather, ceramic tiles, polymer clay--all sorts of cool stuff! Some of the techniques require specialized equipment and supplies, but others use odd things like fabric glue, "Orange-Glo" cleaner, and freezer paper. There are inspiring photos of the various artists' works.
  • Live Studio: Image Transfer Techniques by: Tiffini Elektra X. A variety of transfer techniques for fabric and wood, with inspiring photos.
  • Inkjet Transfer Group on Yahoo.
    This discussion group originally started for artists using Lesley Riley's method of ink jet transfer (see Files Section for original instructions). Now it is a free-flowing exchange of all sorts of techniques and tips for making transfers with your ink jet printer.
  • Transferring Digital Images to Fabric With Ink jet Printers--notes by Wilma Kinder, who makes miniquilts for doll houses. She has quite a few tips that other sets of directions leave out.
  • Transfer Tutorial for use with laser-printed copies, from Juliann Wasisco of odd-goddess.
  • A massive list of links on printing images on fabric includes many commercial sites. This is a companion page for printing on paper, which can also draw you in for hours of browsing.


Jane said...

Thanks so much for doing all the footwork in compiling these sites for image transfer info. I love adding images to my blocks but haven't had an operable printer. I just got a new one so your info was timely for me.. Thanks again for sharing. PS. Am very anxious to see your TIF progression of your admiree.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Glad to help! I put these link collections on my blog so I can find them again later--when I don't post them I usually misplace them.

Anonymous said...

As Jane said - thanks for this info. I havent done any photo transfers yet - but planning to do a memory quilt this year- so very useful! thanks