Monday, November 19, 2007

Wool Scraps and Memories In a Patchwork

Red and grey wool patchwork coverlet

The Scrap Fabric Compaction Project kept expanding, but it is complete at last. I've sorted, trimmed and ironed my wool, corduroy, denim, and shirt-weight cotton collections, and I've reduced the knit scraps by half through the artful construction of undergarments. Four large plastic tubs are now vacant, awaiting other storage uses.

While I have a definite denim-scrap project in mind, I'm mulling over the prospect of making another wool scrap patchwork project soon. I made this pieced coverlet about five years ago, cutting up my old clothes, and an elegant but moth-eaten red 1940's era wool bathrobe my mother had. The red and grey plaid was a particularly beloved but utterly worn-out skirt my mother made for me when I was 12, and which I wore for about 15 years. The coverlet was meant to be a lap-robe for the couch, but it is so warm and light that we've been using it as a bed cover, even though it is a little skimpy for that purpose.


Rick Lee said...

Is there some significance in the placement of those black squares?

Rebecca Clayton said...

It's strange how those dark grey squares read as black in the photograph. They don't stand out like that when you look at the quilt on the bed--they blend with the other grey squares. In the photograph, the various red scraps all look the same color, but in "real life," you can see they are different shades, with different textures.