Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scrumbling and Machine Knitting

Machine knit strips of worsted-weight cotton yarn

I've blocked and steamed a few of the machine-knit worsted weight cotton strips I've been experimenting with. They are surprisingly soft and drapey once they have been finished and allowed to "rest" a few days. When I take them off the machine, the texture is rather scratchy and unappealing, and the stitches look too loose, but with time, they shrink a bit.

Green color-mix cotton strip

These pictures remind me why I kept buying these odd lots of cotton, even though I don't like to knit with cotton. The colors and textures entranced me every time.

In considering how to assemble strips, I got out my crochet hook and started brushing up on my limited skills. I was inspired by some of these Web pages on "scrumbling," a freeform crochet technique that sometimes incorporates knitting. I don't know whether I will incorporate crochet in this project, but it's fun to consider, and these fiber artists give helpful advice as well as beautiful finished projects.

Green cotton rayon machine-knitted strip

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