Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nosey Neighbor

Deer creeping up on blue sweater

I'm writing a tutorial on converting pullover sweaters to a cardigans, so yesterday, I took this sweater out to the clothesline to take a "before" photograph. Apparently, this piqued the interest of a little spike buck. He's a surprisingly snoopy neighbor.

Deer watching sweater


Reya Mellicker said...

Or maybe he's just chilly. That colour would be very flattering on him.

Angelena said...

We have a similar peeping tom at our house!!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Reya, I suspect he'd have trouble pulling knitwear over those antlers. Sadly, he's probably hungry, like so many of the birds and fur-bearing "varmints" seem. I'm afraid they'll have a rough winter.

Angelena, you had snoopy little buddies last year at this time, too.