Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Be Nice To Skiers?

Last week, the Pocahontas Times published a long letter to the editor sent by four young women skiers from Tennessee. They had experienced car trouble going up Droop Mountain, and wanted to thank all the people who helped them. It was thoughtful of them to write, and it is clear they found their rescuers charming. Here's an excerpt from the letter.

Dear Editor:

I am writing on behalf of my friends to thank some of the great townspeople of Hillsboro. Sunday, February 25, my friends and I were driving back from a ski weekend at Snowshoe....Our second rescuer arrived unexpectedly....G*.....was a mix of Grizzly Adams and Clint Eastwood (man of nature, rugged and salt of the Earth soul) and he had an automatic car jack. G* was such a good sport and even played along with my friend, Julie, as she interviewed and chronographed the entire event for her My Space page.

As G* was trying to jack up the car, his friend, C*, drove by and stopped to help. C*...reminded me a little of Santa Claus and Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard with his white beard, warm heart, and problem solving intuition that assured you no matter what happened everything would work out in the end....I don't think anyone who ever finds themselves in a jam in Hillsboro will ever have anything to worry about. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all they did....

Although I used initials here, in the interest of anonymity, the letter writers used first names, allowing all of us to enjoy hearing G* compared to "Clint Eastwood and Grizzly Adams" and C* compared to "Santa Claus and Uncle Jesse." Would that be the Denver Pyle/Uncle Jesse, or the Willie Nelson/Uncle Jesse? I will be strongly tempted to ask C* the next time I see him. These young ladies have provided teasing fodder for a good while, and I know we all appreciate that.

Nevertheless, I consider the letter a mixed blessing. What about all the hard work we've gone to trying to scare skiers away? What about the primates who stayed up all night to throw rocks at Bigfoot researchers? What about the inbred hillbilly cannibals of the Greenbrier back country?. What about James Dickey?


Dave said...

Maybe you should writer your own leter to the editor.

Dave said...

(Wow, two typos in ten words! I think that's a personal record.)

Larry said...

Interesting post. I followed the link back to your "hillbilly cannibals" post and enjoyed that as well.

I wish someone would make a cheesy horror flick here in Hannibal, MO! I could point out some great spooky locales, and we have our own somewhat inbred hillbilly population, too.