Friday, March 02, 2007

Recipes--Rasins and/or Jell-o

I've taken a lot of grief about my "Midwestern" cooking over the years, especially when I lived in New England, "Land of Hippie Neo-Puritans Who Would Sooner Die Than Eat Jell-o." These days, I probably cook "from scratch" more than most Americans, and we're fortunate to have local eggs, meat, and garden produce. There just aren't a lot of opportunities for us to eat away from home or buy processed grocery store dinners. That's why, if I want cake-mix cakes or Jell-o, by golly, I'm going to have them.

An important advantage to these packaged foods is the space they provide for printing recipes. Lately I've noticed the boxes often have URL's where you can find huge repositories of free recipes. Here are some recipe repositories I've visited recently.

  • Jell-o Product Recipes. Interesting ways to combine and enhance packaged gelatin and pudding products. This is for you, food snobs!
  • Sunmaid Recipes. Raisins, dried fruits, lots of tasty things. Often, more calorie-dense than the recipes above, but with more fiber.
  • History of Raisins. Know your dried fruit.

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OfTroy said...

i don't much like jello, for me its a consistancy thing, but sonya, at knitsonya,
recently posted a recipe for flummery--something like a bavarian cream really..

i can't say i see much right with jello, (artifical color, flavor and what not) but then there isn't really much wrong with it either (provided its not eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner)