Monday, March 26, 2007

How to Assemble My Denim Patchwork Coverlet

I cut the strips and pieced the seven-inch squares for this denim patchwork cover last summer, and I'd been trying to decide how to arrange them ever since. The squares are "Rail Fence-Inspired:" Three-strip squares with dark borders and a central pale or bright-colored strip. As I pieced the squares, I thought I was making five different kinds of patches, and that I had a complex assembly process before me. However, my digital camera set me straight with these two sample layouts.

Layout 1

Denim patchwork cover experimental layout

Layout 2

Denim patchwork cover experimental layout

After looking at these pictures side by side, I could see that I only had two types of blocks--high contrast and low-contrast. I think this arrangement, below, with alternating high and low contrast, will work well, and it certainly simplifies assembly

Layout 3

Denim patchwork cover experimental layout

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