Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Server Side Includes For Spice Ridge 2.0

I seem to be on a long do-it-yourself kick. Computer upgrades, sewing projects, and now, upgrading my "Web presence." It's way past time to work on my Spice Ridge pages. They are currently static html, coded by hand in Emacs. While reinstalling Debian Sarge on my new, extra-large hard drive this past weekend, I happened upon a .deb package for html helper mode. This really improves the Emacs html mode, and upgrades it so you can use cascading style sheets much more easily. Thus, I am newly prepared for the project.

For quite a while I've known I needed to start using server side includes. The Web pages are getting complex enough that updating is an unpleasant chore, and I know (in a sort of theoretical way) that it could be made much simpler with SSI. To that end, I have added a "Last updated" line to my home page (and so far, only to my home page). Here are some excellent SSI tutorials I've been reading.

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