Thursday, January 25, 2007

5255 Pairs of Latvian Mittens

The 2006 NATO Riga Summit's Latvian Mittens pages include some wonderful images, and also an image archive including 5255 mitten pictures--photos of every mitten knitted for the summit, and more. I chose these three pairs of ladies' mittens (from the Kurzeme region) somewhat randomly, because I've just started to look through the archive. It was definitely worth the trouble I took to download and uncompress the 200 Mb rar file. Each .jpg file is 600 pixels wide, a big enough image so you can see the individual stitches, and therefore, copy the colorwork charts. I have 5255 new mitten patterns, for free! (I scaled down these images for the weblog--the archive .jpgs are 40% bigger.)

Latvian lady's mitten, Kurzeme region Another Latvian lady's mitten, Kurzeme region Still another pair of Latvian lady's mittens, Kurzeme region

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