Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Several years ago, when I started sewing more with knit fabrics, I read that you should save even small scraps, because they could be used for small projects, including garment embellishments and lingerie. This was probably not advice I needed to hear, given my tendency to save any piece of fabric that is colorful, costly, of interesting texture, or large enough to "make something someday." This past December, in my period of much sewing and little writing, I proudly used up half my knit fabric scraps. Half! That amounted to one bushel basket packed tight with leavings from past sewing projects, and a number of ready-to-wear turtlenecks and tee shirts that failed to fit or flatter.

This clothesline full of knit shirts represents part of the scrap fabric extravaganza. The rest became lingerie. I have tastefully refrained from sharing these.

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