Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Crochet Potholder Inheritance

The deep snow has deep-sixed sorting and moving stuff from the old house, but while the weather was still conducive to line-drying, I sorted and washed a collection of linens from my grandmother's house. My mom had put them away in a closet in 1964, and I moved them from my mom's house in 1996, and hadn't unboxed them since.

Quite a few things are badly stained, either through use or poor storage, but I found these inspiring crocheted potholders in almost-new condition. I remember the green and white ones (or potholders like them) from my grandma's kitchen.

These potholders and the dozens of doilies and pillowcase edgings are probably what triggered my recent crochet-jones. By the way, these potholders are the work of my post-card collecting grandma, Florence Williamson Hunt.


Debbie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Wish I had the pattern!! take good care of these precious beauties!!


Your potholders are Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing. Cherish those forever. As a crocheter I know what goes into making beautiful things for our loved ones.I would also like to thank you for linking me to Pocahontas. While working on Family tree, I found out that we are related to Pocahontas.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow. People used to spend time making things, beautiful things, even for pot holders. Well. Actually, some people still DO spend time making things.

Rebecca, thanks for your comment on the blog today. You're great. Just sayin'.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Glad y'all like the potholders. I like them so much I'm going to try making replicas to use and wear out. I'll probably make them of coarser thread, so they'll be a little bigger and thicker, and thus more protective, if less delicate-looking.