Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing the Book!

If I had to guess which single-author blog I follow would have the most entertaining discussion of Apple's iPad, Winken de Worde: books, early modern culture, post-modern reading would not have been my first suggestion. Yet her Quick iPad Roundup was a delight, and also pointed me to Introducing the iCodex.

With the iCodex, people can now store multiple items in one, easy-to-use package. A user could, for example, enjoy both cooking recipes and psalms, or mappa mundi and instructions on marital relations. Since the iCodex's pages are bound together in an easy-to-turn format, things stored at the end of an iCodex are as easy to access as the beginning.

She includes a link to this medieval help-desk skit is in Norwegian, with English subtitles.

It must be an interesting time to be a researcher in early books, what with Early Modern Mash-Ups and the most influential book history tools of the decade.

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