Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our New 1959 Tractor

With all the new house excitement, I never mentioned that we traded in our lovely 1946 Ford tractor for this new 1959 Massey Ferguson model. Adorable and smooth-running as the Ford was, its low gear was much too fast for our steep hillsides. It was great on level ground, but we built a house on the only patch of level ground we had. The new tractor also has a sweet sound, and it can go really, really slow.


Dave said...

I grew up with a tractor just like that. In fact, my dad regrets getting rid of it when he got his big noe Kubota -- it could fit into places the Kubota can't.

Dave said...

(new, not noe!)

Rebecca Clayton said...

This part of West Virginia seems to be the Land of Old Tractors. I wonder if there are any new tractors suitable for this Allegheny front terrain?