Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This spring's cool, wet weather caused many of our garden seeds to rot in the ground. We replanted, but had some space left over. These sunflowers grew from the contents of our bird feeder.


Reya Mellicker said...

One way or another, the green world has its way. Beautiful sunflowers!

One year my colleague and I put a pumpkin out in the back yard of Healing Arts. Over the course of the fall, the squirrels ate almost all of the pumpkin - well fed squirrels they were!

the next year, we had a pumpkin plant! We were so charmed that we tended it carefully. At the end of the season, the plant had produced one tiny, squirrel sized pumpkin (maybe 3" in diameter). It was SO cute.

Happy almost fall, Rebecca.

sharon said...

I have a suggestion for helping with migraines. Just t let you know I use this remedy myself-it's stopped a lot of Emergency Room visits. When you feel it coming on: Take 1 excedrine migraine, 1 motrin 200mg caplet, eat a baked (nuked) potato and wash it all down with a 12 oz coke-it can room temp or cold.
Then go to a dark, QUIET, cool-almost cold room for 30 minutes. Take a coat or blanket with you. I promise it works for a lot of people I tell about this. FYI-I'M an RN in an ER.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Reya, you never know what those plants will do next!

Sharon, thanks for the suggestions! I will certainly try them--actually, I usually go with an Excedrine Migraine--Motrin--Coca-Cola cocktail, and it often helps. The baked potato is something I've never heard of, but it makes sense. I'll add that next time.