Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Summer Lingerie Sewing

This week I sewed up more lingerie sporting my newly-developed skill in adding lace details. Because they are such small, quickly-made garments, and because minor mistakes don't make the garment unwearable, underbritches are an enjoyable place to practice new skills.

My favorite reason for sewing lingerie is making something useful out of scrap fabric, ill-considered outerwear purchases, and garments damaged while still new. I tried turning my favorite, well-worn cotton turtlenecks into underwear, but they didn't last as long as new fabric (although they were comfortable while they lasted).

I didn't think to photograph them when I sewed them, but I made amusing underwear out of my collection of silkscreened tee-shirts commemorating various events. Often enough, what looks good on a flat surface doesn't translate into a flattering ladies' garment, and most of these tee-shirts were gifts, worn once and set aside. I probably have more pairs of underwear sporting concertina pictures than any woman in the continental United States.


Reya Mellicker said...

Nice new blog design - and thanks for the link to the sound of the earth singing.

Crying out for help? Hmmm ... doesn't sound like that to me - does it to you?

Happy 4th you awesome creator of summer lingerie!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Love your clothesline!
And a fantastic idea for recycling t-shirts.
Do you find you can purchase high quality elastic? I've never found that what is available in stores is comparable to what a manufacturer (like Hanes?) has access to.
Can't have our drawers droopy, ya know!

Unknown said...

Reya, I'm not sure why the reporter wanted to interpret what the earth was singing about...sounds grandiose to me!

Nina, I don't have access to fabric stores at all, so I buy everything mail order. has all sorts of lingerie elastics (and fabrics, fasteners, stretch lace, etc.), and sometimes they have terrific sales. I've stocked up over the years.