Monday, September 24, 2007

Sewing Shirts Until I Can't Stand It Any More

Four ladies' shirts on my clothesline

I cut out and sewed these four shirts last week. They are on the same pattern I tested earlier this month, Jalie 2322. I've read that it's more efficient to cut and sew several of the same garment at once, and this is often the way I proceed, but the assembly-line approach saps some of the fun from the process. I'm quite sick of making shirts now, even though I am delighted with the results.

For the last few years, I have tried many shirt patterns, and many approaches to pattern alteration. The reason this pattern works so well for me is the high armhole and tight sleeve, a feature many of the Jalie patterns share. It keeps the shoulder seams in place when I move my arms, and prevents the shirt front from creeping upward to my neck. Those floppy sleeves in oversized shoulders of the eighties and nineties were a fitting disaster for all but the most flat-chested of women. It seems counterintuitive, but close-fitting armholes give more freedom of movement, and keep the the garment in place. Think of a leotard contrasted with a smock.


Anonymous said...

Your shirts are really cool. I think sewing the same pattern multiple times increases your skill at those techniques. Very nice job.

Sherry said...

I love the color spectrum here.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Thanks! I hadn't thought about the assembly-line process sharpening sewing skills, but I believe it does for me. Good point--I guess I'll do the assembly-line thing again.