Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pilea pumila

Pilea pumila, Canadian Clearweed

Despite the heat and the drought, the Pilea pumila is in full and verdant bloom. I learned of this plant while doing floral inventories in a graduate course in plant ecology, and until a few minutes ago, I didn't know it had a common name. The USDA Plants Database informs me that it is known as "Canadian Clearweed." I've never heard anyone speak of this little nettle except as "Pilea." Although Wikipedia says that It is sometimes grown as a ground cover or for attracting deer, our hungry deer are walking by it and browsing on bitter asteraceous things like White Snakeroot.


Larry said...

We have many Clearweed plants in bottomland habitats here in Missouri. Pilea, Laportea, and Boehmeria are three genera in the Nettle Family which remind me of each other. They all grow in lowlands. Nice photo!

Rebecca Clayton said...

Do you know "Clearweed" by that name?

Dave said...

I've always called it clearweed. It grows in abundance near the bottom of our hollow.