Monday, August 27, 2007

Harlequin Bug

Harlequin bug, adult

I'm sure these are the first harlequin bugs we've had in our garden since we've lived here. Murgantia histrionica is big and showy, and this year it's abundant on the broccoli. No heteropterist would have overlooked a pentatomid this striking. I was surprised and pleased to find that the eggs of this species are as beautifully marked as the adults. Too bad about the broccoli.

Harlequin bug eggs


Mother Jones RN said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, too bad about the broccoli, but this bug is gorgeous - shiny and healthy, well groomed, too!

Thank you again for all the info you passed on yesterday. You are such an amazing resource - well, should say you are such an amazing PERSON, and you know about so many things. Bravo!!

Rebecca Clayton said...

I'm glad you visited, Mother Jones!

Reya, the True Bugs have many charms, and one is that they are immaculately groomed, oiled, and, sometimes, perfumed. That's why this bug's family is called "Stink Bugs" in English. Some of them smell like cilantro, and others like cinnamon. (And some of them will make your eyes water.)