Friday, August 31, 2007

Centaurea, Knapweed

Knapweed flower and buds

The feathered bracts on the involucres finally helped me identify these pretty flowers as knapweed, genus Centaurea. I haven't been able to do any better than that yet. Some Centaurea species are invasive exotics while others are North American natives. These may be some escaped horticultural variety. Whatever they are, they are doing very well in a clearing near our house, and I think they are lovely.

knapweed, showing diagnostic bracts Knapweed blossom


Larry said...

I've never encountered a Centaurea in Missouri. The aliens are rare and our only native species grows in just a few SW MO counties. I remember seeing examples of genus the years ago when I lived in Vermont. Seeing your photos makes me wish we had some here!

Janice said...

Found your blog by accident today while searching for yellow time to read it all now but will stop back when I can.