Saturday, August 13, 2005

Search Engines Find Me, and I Find Myself in a Pickle

Hot dog! My Web pages have been discovered by the search engines! If anyone were to Google for "Pocahontas County GED test," they'd find my page on that very topic. The weblog has fulfilled its purpose. (See my July 30 post.) But there's even more! Mental Kudzu and Hoarded Ordinaries have taken official notice of my existence. Thank you Val and Lorianne! This is very exciting, although it probably doesn't really excuse my excessive use of exclamation marks.

I'm planning to keep blogging. I am surprised at how much I like the format, and how many possibilities I see for it. I can expand a topic in a subsequent entry, or on my Pocahontas County Pages, or let sleeping blogs lie. I'd better stop here. I've read too many blogs where the bloggers blog on and on about blogging. It's not interesting, yet here I am, overly focused on process. It's related to paper and pen writers and their tendency to write too much about favorite writing implements. Lest you think I'm criticizing you, I hereby confess I'm guilty of a very long essay beginning: "My Life in Office Supplies. Chapter 1. The Crayola Years." Never fear, I do not plan to post this.

We are deep in garden harvest season here on Droop Mountain, and I have not yet begun to can, although I've frozen some broccoli, hanovers (rutabagas to those of you outside Pocahontas County), and green beans. Tomorrow, pickling begins in earnest, and tomatoes will be pureed and transformed into salsa, ketchup, sauces, and relish.

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