Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Little Light Knitting

I always have some knitting project going forward, but lately, my knitting has been, well, boring. I've been re-styling some of my old hand-knits, unraveling and re-knitting sleeves and neck bands, cutting pullovers down the front, thereby turning them into cardigans, over-dying sweaters for new colors. My only new projects have been hats, of the type called: toques, stocking caps, watch caps, toboggans, beanies, ski hats. Morning Star Folk Arts in Hillsboro sold about a dozen of my hats last winter, and a few skeins of handspun yarn as well. I've been knitting hats like this pink mohair one since spring, in the hope that the shop could use a few more this coming winter. I have not, however, produced up to my expectations. If I hope to have a selection for possible sale, I need to get crackin'.

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