Sunday, November 22, 2009

Index Humor

My work life has, the last few months, involved quite a bit of directory planning and index-making. I hadn't thought of it as an avenue for humor until last week. Miffed that Sarah Palin's new book was published index-less, several people have posted their own indices. It's unlikely that Palin will thank them for their trouble, given that I laughed aloud at the first two listed below. At the risk of joining the ranks of the lonely and shallow people who don't admire poor Sarah, here are the indices I've seen so far.

  • The 'Going Rogue' Index by Seyward Darby (November 17) in The New Republic. Some favorite entries:
    • "Dang" 74, 184, 282, 296, 352, 401
    • "Going rogue" 209, 298, 317, 359, 403
    • Good deeds of Sarah Palin 1-403
    • "Holy geez!" 171
    • Lies told about Sarah Palin 74-75, 77, 79, 95, 102, 148, 202-204, 215, 232, 236-239, 246-247, 272-275, 289, 314, 318-320, 338, 343, 346-348, 350-352, 365-366, 378, 380
    • Lies told by Sarah Palin N/A
  • The Going Rogue Index on compiled by Christopher Beam Tuesday, Nov. 17. My favorite entry: "progress," usage of as transitive verb, 64.
  • "Going Rogue" Index (Unofficial) by Marcus Baram on The Huffington Post also appeared November 17. This one is less amusing than the previous two, but perhaps more functional. As I don't intend to closely examine (or even quickly skim) the text, this is not a selling point for me.
  • It's the Going Rogue Index! just lists the names of living people mentioned in the book, but it provides loud music, and some photos of those not indexed, including, apparently, King Kong and Captain Ahab.


Reya Mellicker said...

This is truly hilarious!!

Sherry said...

Holy Geez?

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks for the snork! :-)

星爺Frank said...
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