Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clark Kessinger Video

A few weeks ago, Larry Ayers, of "Riverside Rambles" posted a link to Norman Blake's version of "Done Gone". I started gathering URL's about my own experiences with that tune (including how it helped me get my banjo fixed for free), when I came across this video of West Virginia's Clark Kessinger, performing at the Newport Festival. I have a number of his recordings (including "Done Gone"), but I'd never seen him in action before.

Whatever I meant to say about Larry, Norman Blake, "Done Gone," and Clark Kessinger has vanished from both brain and hard drive, but Mr. Kessinger's fiddling is well worth a link.


Sherry said...

I love his legwork. I don't expect to be that spry at 71.

Larry said...

I never met CLark Kessinger, but I did get to meet some of the other fiddlers of his generation when I was beginning to learn to play the fiddle, back in the early eighties. Like Kessinger, these fiddlers came of age during the pre-bluegrass era; they all had a certain vaudeville-like showy manner of performing.