Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yew Piney Mountain

You never know what you'll run across on line; I found Pocahontas County musician Pam Lund playing banjo with fiddler Dave Bing on "Yew Piney Mountain." The Yew Mountains, aka the Yew Pine Mountains, are in the Cranberry Wilderness Area here. The fiddle may catch your ear first, but listen for Pam's banjo. No muss, no fuss, just as good as it gets.


Larry said...

That was an excellent performance, Rebecca! I don't get to play fiddle with clawhammer banjo players much (most of 'em are Scruggs-style bluegrass players) but every now and then I run across a clawhammer player like Pam Lund. Good banjo playing! Reminds of the Irish-style tenor banjo players I play with most often.

That Appalachian-style fiddle is rare around here in North Missouri. The few old-time fiddlers (who haven't become bluegrass players) have absorbed elements of the swing-style Texas fiddling.

blueridgewv said...

This is great. There was more like this at the annual Vandalia Gathering and also at the Appalachian String Festival in Clifftop this year, although not as pure.

Great post.