Friday, March 06, 2009

Buds Shut Tight

Last week, all the budscales were still clamped shut. Perhaps a few days like today will persuade them to relax just a little. I believe this understory tree is hop hornbeam, although it grows in a forest-edge thicket so entwined with blue beech trees that I'm not sure where one individual ends and another begins. I hope we get better acquainted this spring.

These bright red bud scales are hawthorn, given to showy displays no matter the season.


Larry said...

The first pic looks like hop hornbeam to me. So you also have Carpinus? I've seen the tree in Southern Missouri but I haven't seen it this far north.

Reya Mellicker said...

All the buds here are on the verge of popping. It's very warm; wouldn't surprise me if I saw a few pear blossoms by the day's end.

The upwards surge of spring energy is palpable. I'm so restless I want to jump up and down, grunt - or something!

Beautiful bud pictures, thank you. And happy spring!