Sunday, December 28, 2008

Florence Williamson At Year's End, 1907

It's disconcerting for me to think about my grandma, 101 years ago, a young woman putting her postcard collection in an album. I'm closer in age now to what her mother, Agnes Williamson would have been in 1907. Agnes was born in Bohemia and married to a Scotsman in Iowa. Her childhood included an ocean crossing under sail and labor as a domestic servant in Des Moines, while her married life began with relocating in a covered wagon to a sod house in western Nebraska. She died in 1936, at age 88, from a farm accident. The comparison makes me feel like a sissy, worrying about my troubles.


Julie Zickefoose said...

This postcard collection is magic, and beautifully presented. Like you, my predecessors' lives make me feel like a sissy, too. I'm honored to find myself on your blogroll. Thank you. I'll be back!

Dave said...

I like the bit of handwritten text on this one (as you know, I'm all about writing on the front of postcards thse days). I get: "We seem to have lost out on the writing deal. Whose turn is it?"

Reya Mellicker said...

You're a lot of things, Rebecca, but sissy is not a word I would ever associate with you!

Hey - do bugs yawn? A little kid asked me yesterday, and of course I instantly thought, "Rebecca will know."

Rebecca Clayton said...

Welcome, Julie! I've really been enjoying the step-by-step progress of your watercolor paintings.

Dave, that's certainly what I read. Jo Sutton and Grandma exchanged cards for years.

Reya, thanks for the vote of confidence! Yawning bugs--I've never seen it. Of course, bug mouths don't open very wide, so I probably wouldn't have been able to tell. Wait--because bugs can't breathe through their mouths, they have rows of spiracles--little holes along the sides of their bodies. So if a bug were to yawn, it would move its sides in and out. I've seen bugs scrunch up, and then puff out, so maybe that's yawning!