Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walls Going Up

The walls are going up. It's beginning to look a little bit like a house!


Lynne said...

Hello! I'm here at Reya's urging. She said you are an insect expert and I should ask you about my bees. Well, they are not quite "my" bees, but they are behaving strangely. (Bumblebees) They did this last year too: they fall fast asleep on a flower and stay that way for a very long time before flying off again. They appear to be in such a deep snooze that their legs go all limp. I have photos up on my blog right now. Do you know why they do this? I"d love to have an answer for this behavior! Thanks ...

Reya Mellicker said...

Can't wait to see the house as it takes shape. Very cool!

Glad to see your response on Lynne's blog. She often posts pics of the bears who live on her land. Sometimes she gets out the extreme slo-mo camera and makes the most incredible films. One of them was of a hummingbird. One second of "real" time was stretched out to almost a minute of viewing time. She counted the number of wing beats per second ... can't remember how many, but it was a lot!!

Anyway, congrats on the new house. There's no place like home!!