Sunday, March 30, 2008

To Help Provide

As space permits, The Pocahontas Times often prints photographs provided by proud parents. I couldn't resist reproducing this little girl's first deer photograph. She may have on a camo jacket, but I'll bet her tee-shirt is princess pink. She's younger than most of deer-hunting girls, but she's by no means unique.

My favorite part is how she described her hunting:

This doe was harvested on Douthards Creek, Minnehaha Springs, with a 30/30 rifle by eight-year-old Sabrina K. Gravely during the "Youth Hunt" Christmas Eve 2007....Sabrina told her family, "I just wanted to do my part to help provide."


Dave said...

You're really trying to drive away all of your suburban readers, aren't you?

We have a few female hunters here on the mountain, and I will say in general they don't seem nearly as concerned about trophy bucks as the men and boys.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Hunting is the ultimate family activity around here. Moms take their sons, dads take their daughters, cousins come home from all over the country for deer season.

I've never seen the like anywhere else.