Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wintery Mix

Tractor with icicles

The television weather people have been talking about a "wintery mix." I don't remember hearing this phrase from them before. (It makes me think of some sort of party snack.) However, today on Droop Mountain, we're getting that "wintery mix" of precipitation. The tractor looks forlorn, but I believe the trees will suffer more.

Icy trees


Sherry said...

Oh dear. Ice is so deadly for trees.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Prophetic words, Sherry. Although we lost power right after I posted those pictures, we listened to the State Road crew work through the next 24 hours on the scanner. It sounded like they were spending more time using chainsaws than snowplows.

Marvin said...

"Wintry mix" is certainly one of the most dreaded forecast phrases -- even worse than "single digits".