Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cardigan Anxiety

cardigan sweater shoulders

My French Tweed cardigan is at that interesting stage of top-down knitting. It's just about time to divide the sleeves from the body. If I do this too early, the body and sleeves will be tight, and look skimpy and pitiful. If I knit too many rows before I divide for sleeves and body, the armholes will be big and floppy, and the sweater will look like a shapeless sack. I know this from bitter experience, and I have yet to get it just right. It's disconcerting how little difference there is between too big and too little, and it's not something I've been able to accurately eyeball or assess by trying it on.

When (or if) I get the bugs worked out of this top-down set-in sleeve design, I'll provide directions.

Cardigan sweater started


Brett said...

I'm behind on my comments! I just wanted to say that these are some of the funnier pictures on the internet right now. Nothing like unfinished cardigan in its natural habitat.

Rebecca Clayton said...

They can be a right nuisance in the woodpile, though.