Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Steel Cut Oats: Experimental Results and Literature Search

I couldn't remember yesterday morning how much water to put in my oat groats. Is it three parts water to one part oats, or four parts water? My experimental results indicate the optimal ratio is somewhere in between. Below are some links I collected in my before-breakfast Internet search. For the record, I microwaved my oat groats in a mixing bowl, two cups of water to one half cup groats. The authorities below would probably all scoff at the microwave, but I get good results on all my long-cooking porridge mixtures thus: microwave (in an oversize bowl) on full power for two minutes, let porridge stand for two minutes; repeat until you achieve the desired consistency. I do this while wandering in and out of the kitchen getting ready for work, or while drinking my tea and tidying up.

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OfTroy said...

soaking the oat over night works well too.
measure water and oats into a pot, cover. in the morning, they cook up in about 5 to 7 minutes (minimal stiring)
cooking time depends on the size of the groats, (McCanns irish oatmeal is cut coarser than Quaker steel cut oats, and the coarser oats take a bit longer to cook)

Joy of Cooking has (or had, i haven't checked out the latest edition) a great recipe for steel cut oatmeal bread. Its one of my favorites.