Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Battle of Droop Mountain, Refought

Firing the cannon

Every other year, Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park hosts a reinactment of the November 6, 1863 event for which it is named. Last weekend was the third one I'd attended. My first was the most dramatic, for me. I was going for my morning run on the park trails, when, out of the fog came a passle of Yankees on horseback. Understanding what was going on didn't make much difference. It was terrifying.

Waiting to fire the cannon

I'm not sure the reinactors get that excited anymore.

Watching from beside the cannon

Like the spectators, they look at the cannons like they would look at cars. "Will it start?"

Reinactors head home

As I headed home through the park, the Yankees and the Rebels passed each other on their way to pack up and go home.

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