Monday, September 04, 2006

Where I've Been Lately

The week before last, I got a call from the school board office asking if I was available to start the school year as a substitute teacher. They are advertising for an autism teacher, and need a substitute until the position is filled. I travel between two schools and have four (soon five) special needs students. There are no lesson plans, no schedule, no real classroom, and no instructions on how to procede. I won't know the job is over until they tell me "Don't come in tomorrow." Of course I said, "Sign me up!"

So far, the job includes much heavy lifting and some sprinting down the halls and sidewalks. I come home very tired each night, and have not made blogging a priority. I like these unanticpated opportunities, and so far, I'm enjoying the work. Interestingly, I'm already in trouble. Thursday afternoon, an irate parent marched into the principal's office complaining about my treatment of her child. I don't know the nature of her complaint, but I did hear she was roaming the hall threatening to "whup me," or some part thereof. The fourth day of school seems a little premature for complaints--I usually don't get criticism until I've actually done something. Still, you must admire a parent that cares enough to offer a pre-emptive "whuppin'."


Dave said...

Autistic kids, wow. I sat in on a class of autistic kids once, years ago. More power to you. I can sort of understand why that might make you blasé about a whuppin'!

Joni said...

Sounds like a rousing challenge. You have such a great attitude about it!