Monday, May 15, 2006

Further Adventures With Morels

We've been making a few late passes through the woods, looking for the yellow morels. They've been scattered, but we've found enough to keep us looking. As we find them, we are drying them and storing them for later in the year. It's better than waiting for enough to make a skillet-full when hunting is this sparse, and we think that drying somehow intensifies the flavor. A sauce made from dried morels seems more flavorful than fresh, sauted morels. A morel in the dehydrator is worth two in the pan, perhaps.

yellow morel in its habitat morels going into the dehydrator dried morels to save for later

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Anonymous said...

I can't get enough photos of morels or "molley moochers" as we call 'em, especially when they are from my home state of west virginia. I hunt them in kanawha co., mason co., and wayne. I know that spring between these counties and pocahontas county are not exactly in sync, so i was just wondering what time, generally, do you all start looking. thanks.