Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Lighter Side of...Ed Friel

Book Cover: Lighter Side of Rectal Surgery

Here's another addition to my Literary Pocahontas County page: Ed Friel's personal memoir, The Lighter Side of Rectal Surgery (2003). I was a little reluctant to pick it up, since the title seemed to promise a very personal memoir indeed. However, it's quite an enjoyable book. Each chapter is an anecdote, told as if waiting in line at the Hillsboro store. In fact, Mr. Friel has certainly told some of these stories in that very place. This conversational style looks easy, but requires considerable skill to make it work.

Mr. Friel has done an excellent job of placing the book all over the county; if you visit here, you can probably find yourself a copy. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a place where one could buy the book on the Internet. Mr. Friel does provide his e-mail address, so I expect he could tell you how to purchase his book if you're interested. Here it is: edfriel -at- sbcglobal -dot- net (replacing the words with the appropriate symbols, of course).

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