Monday, September 26, 2005

John D. MacDonald: My Ft. Lauderdale Vacation

Book Cover: Lonely Silver Rain

When I was putting together the list of Web pages for Tony Hillerman a while back, I also found a few for another favorite genre author, John D. MacDonald. When I feel the need for a long mental vacation, I get out my 21 Travis McGee novels and visit him and Meyer in Ft. Lauderdale, 1960's style. This was especially theraputic when I was waiting for my committee to read my dissertation. Here are some Internet resources I found interesting.

  • Authors and Creators: John D. MacDonald. It mentions that he also wrote as John Wade Farrel, Robert Henry, John Lane, Scott O'Hara, Peter Reed, and Henry Reiser. (1916-1986). This page focuses mainly on Travis McGee trivia.
  • John D. MacDonald Bibliography. When I was trying to accumulate all the Travis McGee books, I had a hard time finding a list. I found one here, along with many other MacDonald novels. I haven't read more than six of them, but I enjoyed them all. The writing is engaging, he draws characters and situations economically but effectively, and the plots are solid, complex, and satisfying.
  • The John D. MacDonald Homepage. "Here you will find some information on John D. MacDonald, a list of titles, the 1996 Conference Review, and the JDM Bibliophile. The JDM Bibliophile was the oldest continuously- published magazine in the United States devoted to a single crime fiction author. It was first published in the mid-Sixties by Len and June Moffat. It has ceased publication."
  • The Travis McGee Series. A well-done fan page.

Here's the list of Travis McGee novels I once struggled so hard to accumulate.

  1. The Deep Blue Good-By (1964)
  2. Nightmare in Pink (1964)
  3. A Purple Place for Dying (1964)
  4. Quick Red Fox (1964)
  5. A Deadly Shade of Gold (1965)
  6. Bright Orange for the Shroud (1965)
  7. Darker Than Amber (1966)
  8. One Fearful Yellow Eye (1966)
  9. Pale Gray for Guilt (1968)
  10. The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper (1968)
  11. The Long Lavender Look (1970)
  12. A Tan and Sandy Silence (1971)
  13. Dress Her in Indigo (1971)
  14. The Scarlet Ruse (1973)
  15. The Turquoise Lament (1973)
  16. The Dreadful Lemon Sky (1975)
  17. The Empty Copper Sea (1978)
  18. The Green Ripper (1979)
  19. Free Fall in Crimson (1981)
  20. Cinnamon Skin (1982)
  21. Lonely Silver Rain (1984)

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